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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
A typewritten sheet with handwritten notations is dated August 2/83 and titled “Solidarity Coalition Interim Structural Recommendations”.
A hand-written single sheet is titled Solidarity Coalition Agenda Aug 3rd7 pm. It begins “Kube speaks welcomes. Emphasize need for broader coalition undominated by labour arising from repressiveness/legislation.”
A single sheet flyer in multiple languages is titled “B.C. Organization to Fight Racism Demands”, “Stop the Budget!” “It is an unprecedented attack on democratic rights”, “Fight Back!” “This budget affects us all”
A typewritten sheet is shown titled Report of the first meeting of Solidarity Coalition, Wednesday August 3, 1983, Operating Engineers’ Hall, 4333 Ledger Avenue, Burnaby, BC.
Three buttons are shown: “Solidarity Coalition” in red and white, “I subscribe to Solidarity Times” in yellow and black, and “Solidarity Coalition” enamel pin.
A red and white leaflet with illustrations of people on the front is titled “The People of B.C. are SPEAKING OUT! Sub-headings are “What are people doing about it?” and “What does the Solidarity Coalition want?” The Operation Solidarity Coalition logo appears on the leaflet.
A man holds a partially unfurled red and white flag which reads Lower Mainland Solidarity Coalition.
A blue and white leaflet titled “Stop the attack on Human Rights”. Sub-headings read “what you can do” and “Speak Out! The rights you save may be your own.”
A brown and white leaflet is titled “Stop the attack on Working People”. Sub headings are “What’s Next?”, “What you can do” and “Speak Out!” The logo is Operation Solidarity Coalition.
A green and white leaflet is titled “Stop the attack on Tenants Rights”. Sub-headings are “How will Bill 5 affect you?”, “What you can do” and “Speak Out”. The Solidarity Coalition logo is at the bottom.
Two men and one woman sit at a table. Four microphones and a tape recorder are in front of them.
A typewritten sheet includes a logo of Operation Solidarity West Kootenay Coalition and lyrics to songs “We Shall Overcome”, “Bread and Roses”, “We ShallNot Be Moved”, “Hold the Fort”, “Solidarity Forever” and “If I Had a Hammer”