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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
A group of people are marching in a parade. Many hold signs that include “What’s left when you have no rights?”, “Hard Times Won’t Stop us” and “1984 One Year Early!!”
A stage faces a group of people standing and sitting on the grass. The Operation Solidarity flag flies and banners include “Justice & Dignity for Pensioners”, “Nelson Womens Centre” and “Nelson and District Labour Council”
A typewritten page explains the purpose of the Solidarity rallies and lists rally attendance in communities such as Nelson (1,800), Salmon Arm (1,000) and Kelowna (4,000)
Two people are pictured at an open window and a hand lettered sign reads “Solidarity”.
A large group of people are parading down a paved road holding signs reading “In Support Operation Solidarity”, “Bill where is your cents of value” and “Grace McCarthy abuses children”.
A crowd of people face the camera, some holding umbrellas and others wearing picket signs. Banners read “Unemployed Teachers Action Centre” and “British Columbia Teachers’ Federation”.
A parade of people is assembled walking, on bicycles and in wheelchairs. A banner reads “Budget Coalition” and other signs are visible.
Two men are seated with their legs and arms crossed in a reception area of a building. A sign on the wall reads “Wanted Bill Bennett for the Murder of the BC Spirit”.
A yellow and black button with an image of a person in a wheelchair reads Tranquille What About the Future?
Photograph of a hand-painted flat reading “BC Government Employees’ Union” and the BCGEU logo.
A flag attached to a flag pole has a logo and text reading BC Govt Employees Union.
A fabric flag is displayed with the Operation Solidarity logo printed on a whitebackground.