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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
A woman is holding papers and speaking at a microphone. A man stands behind her waiting his turn to speak. They aresurrounded by people on seats and sitting on the floor.
A man is seated at a table with many microphones in front of him. Several television cameras are pointed at him.
A graphic depiction of a spinning wheel with each government bill as a spokeon the wheel. The poster reads: “Wheel of Fortune, Y’ Takes Yer Chances....
A typewritten Province of British Columbia press release dated July 7, 1983 came from Labour Minister Bob McClelland.(
Cartoon with caption Hey Mr Bennett...Just Whose Future Are You Budgeting? Graphic of people entering door labelled unemployment. Other signs say School Closed, For Sale and Police.
A poster with a cartoon character reads, “If YOU are disabled disadvantaged a woman a civil servant sick old poor You’re Not Wanted Here! That’s the BC Spirit”; A sticker reads Feeling Oppressed? Want a Change? with voting boxes marked Socreds, Democracy
Premier Bill Bennett is shown in a campaign office surrounded by campaign workers who are smiling and applauding.
Dave Barrett is surrounded by many smiling people while walking down a street. A sign behind him reads Thomas NDP.
Five buttons produced by Unemployment Action Centres in Vancouver and BC are shown, with slogans such as “Dandelions Never Die”, “Unite for Jobs” and “Forget Me Not”.
A man stands at a microphone to address an audience from a stage. Three men are seated on the stage . A banner above the stage reads “Unemployment Action Centre” and other signs are taped to the stage.
Three people in a conversation stand outside an office storefront. The window of the office displays a federal government sign and the words Action Centre.
Four people are seated at a table facing a seated audience. A camera, lights and audio equipment are seen.