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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
A magazine clipping showing a woman ladling soup into cups, another dressed as a witch and a printed invitation to the Luncheon with Gracie.
People and children seated on stadium seats hold banners and signs. The main banner reads Canadian Farmworkers Union.
Stadium seats are filled with people and banners from Canadian Union of Postal Workers and Canadian Union of Public Employees are visible.
A parade of men and women are walking down a ramp. They are smiling and wearing uniforms.
A photo shows people standing and applauding from the stadium seats as a brass band leads a lengthy parade of uniformed officers.
A photograph shows a crowd of people seated in a stadium. Several people parade past carrying banners that read “Lower Mainland Budget Coalition” and “BC Canada’s Poland”
A red, black and white flyer is titled “Operation Solidarity”, “Join us and Speak Out Against Discriminatory and Repressive Legislation” and provides details of bus transportation to the rally.
A round blue and white button features script reading “August 10th”. Below the printing can be seen a small union logo.
A stage with performing musicians being filmed by a cameramanis skirted with the Operation Solidarity logo. In the foreground a person’s raised arm and clenched fist is seen.
A purple and white leaflet reads: “Lesbian/Gay Women Against the Budget”, “Gay Men in Solidarity” and features the logo of the Solidarity Coalition.
An orange and white leaflet reads “Seniors What a Way to Say Thanks” “Speak Out! Stop the attack on seniors.” “Sign the petition.” and includes the Solidarity Coalition logo.
A yellow and white leaflet from the Solidarity Coalition reads, “Stop the Attack on Health, Education and Social Services –Speak Out!”