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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
Red and white stickers with the Operation Solidarity logo are displayed. Some include the phrase “Speak Out” and “We Support”.
The front of a white t-shirt with a red collar and red Operation Solidarity logo screened on the fabric.
A collection of Operation Solidarity buttons, a delegate badge, and a pin from the Polish Solidarnosc union.
A typewritten agenda for the July 15, 1983 meeting lists names and organizations speaking at the meeting
Three men sit at a table with many microphones in front of them. Reporters with notebooks are in the background.
A collection of small rectangular lapel pins with red backgrounds and silver printing of the Solidarity logo. Each pin includes names of unions such as BC FED, IWA, and BCTF.
A printed article is titled “Women solid in Operation Solidarity” begins: “A statement from an ad hoc women’s caucus received solid support July 26 at the first meeting of Operation Solidarity, a coalition of community and labour groups fighting the BC budget.”
Five round metal buttons, with slogans including: “Restrain restraint!” “The Socred Budget Disables People” and “Government by the PEOPLE NOT the Fraser Institute”
A typewritten page titled “On the creation of the Lower Mainland Budget Coalition” with annotations.
A single page flyer by Women Against the Budget advertises a meeting for July 28, 1983 at the First United Church. An illustration shows women and children linking arms, carrying flags that read Cutbacks Won’t Stop Us! and Fight Back!
An illustration of three women walking bent over witha board on their heads. The board is piled with boxes labelled with the titles of government bills. The illustration is titled Government Attacks on Women’s Rights and includes a list of eight items.
Three women and two men are seated at a table with several microphones in front of them. They appear to be listening to a speaker.