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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
Photograph shows five people wearing Solidarity buttons and shirts pose in front of a banner which reads BC Government Employees’ Union. A sign reading “General Strike!!” can be seen in the background.
A hand drawn poster reads, “Sit-In at the Hotel Vancouver Socred Convention ’83” and “Mass non-violent civil disobedience, October 15, If the Socreds won't come around we’ll shut ‘em down!“ Illustrations of Solidarity flags and protest signs.
A leaflet titled “Solidarity March for your Rights”with the logos of Operation Solidarity and Solidarity Coalition. A map of downtown Vancouver listed assembly points for almost 100 different organizations.
A large group of people stand and cheer outside a building holding signs reading “United We Stand” and “People Not Power”. The Vancouver Art Gallery can be seen in the background.
Two windows with hand lettered signs read “Human Rights are Not for Sale!!”, “This Budget Hurts Women!” and “Stop Attacking the Poor!”
A photograph of nine people holding lit candles face the camera with the BC legislature in the background.
A poster promoting a candlelight vigil to protest Bill 27 has the Solidarity Coalition logo centered at the top.
A photo of several people and Operation Solidarity balloons. A picket sign reads “Canadian Tire the Ghostof Christmas Past Humbug!”. Another reads “PPWC locked out”.
Five young children sit on the grass at the entrance to a small tent. They are holding balloons with the Operation Solidarity logo printed on them.
A photograph shows a group of children watching a man spin a carnivalwheel. The children are holding balloons and a sign reads We Support Operation Solidarity.
A hand lettered single sheet with the logos of Solidarity Times and Vancouver Municipal and Regional Employees Union titled “Picnic Against the Budget” September 25 -3 PM. Grandview Park and Britannia. Everybody welcome.
Two photos from the newspaper show a costumed woman speaking at a microphone and holding a soup ladle, plus women applauding after laying funeral wreaths on Minister Grace McCarthy’s doorstep.