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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
A strike placard reads “BC Government Employees’ Union, Fired for No Cause is Cause for Protest” and includes the logo of the BCGEU.
A group of people with picket signs walk along a sidewalk. Signs at the front read “BC Government Employees’ Union, We Need Work not Welfare” and “On Strike to Save Jobs”. Behind them are more people; one sign reads “ATU –Amalgamated Transit Union Local 583 Calgary Supports BCGEU strike”.
Four women in winter coats and hats stand in a row. They are wearing picket signs reading “BC teachers on strike for fair treatment” and “BC teachers on strike, Save the Schools!”. A sign in the background reads “District Services Centre”.
Three people in winter coats and mittens walk along a sidewalk. Two are wearing picket signs reading “BC teachers on strike, Schools Under Attack!”. The signs bear the logos of the Solidarity Coalition and the BCTF.
Four women and one man stand in front of a tarp in winter clothes. They wear picket signs reading “Negotiate Don’t Legislate” and “On Strike to Save Jobs”. A young boy can be seen looking out between two of the women.
A poster reads “This Budget Hurts Women. Public Meeting September 7”, “What’s happening to our social, economic and political rights? Everybody Welcome! Sponsored by Women Against the Budget”.
A printed poster is titled “This Budget Hurts Children”, “Public Meeting: Impact of new budget on children”, “Weds. October 5” “Sponsored by B.C. Daycare Action Coalition.
A typewritten letter titled Dear Premier Bennett and Mrs. Grace McCarthy, We’re Involved Too! containing signatures of 20 individuals.
A man stands behind a table with a box. Women and men line up to in front of the table holding papers and pens.
A single page is titled “A Declaration of the Rights of the People of British Columbia” and includes the Solidarity Coalition logo.
Many people parade past the front entrance to the Hotel Vancouver. They are holding signs reading “Prepare the General Strike!!” and carry an Operation Solidarity flag.
Two men hold a banner reading “B.C. Association of Social Workers”. They are part of a parade of people standing on a street. Some are wearing Solidarity Coalition buttons.