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Video and audio clips, photos, documents and memorabilia relating to the Solidarity movement of 1983 in British Columbia, Canada.
The front and back of a disc. The front is titled General Strike and the name of the group D.O.A, while the back is dedicated to those who stood up for their rights.
Four people are seated at a table with microphones in front of them.
Four people are seated at a table facing a seated audience. A camera, lights and audio equipment are seen.
A green and yellow button reads “Solidarity Alberta”
A collection of pins and buttons from 1983 are grouped on a bulletin board.
Pink telephone message slips dated November 9 list calls from concerned citizens, employer representatives and workers, expressing concern for Art Kube’s personal health, as well as pride and appreciation.
An October1983 calendar page contains handwritten reminders of meetings, speeches, rallies and media appearances.
Two men are shown standing with microphones in front of them.
Two picket signs read: “BC teachers on strike, Save the Schools” and “BC teachers on strike, Schools Under Attack”.