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Welcome to the ''In the footsteps of Maude Abbott'' exhibition gallery. To view a full size image, just click on it!
Black and white photograph of Maude Abbott as a young adult, from the waist up. She is wearing a graduation gown. Her dark hair is tied behind her head and she is looking slightly to her left.
Student group in a cemetery in winter.
Group of students with their teacher in balcony steps of museum in the winter.
Student interviewing author Cynthia Lisa Dubé in a classroom.
Portrait of William Abbott, charcoal, head and shoulders, adult. He has short hair and light brown sideburns, light grey eyes. He is wearing a black minister’s robe and a white collar. The background is dark grey-brown. The portrait is set in a gilded woodwork frame with gold mat.
Black and white portrait of an elderly Reverend Joseph Abbott, head and shoulders. He has short hair and grey and white sideburns, and is looking at the camera with a serious expression. He is wearing a black minister’s robe and a white collar. The background is black. The inscription under the portrait reads “Rev. Joseph Abbott, A.M. Founder of Christ Church”.
Profile portrait of an elderly John Joseph Caldwell Abbott, oil, colour, head and shoulders. His hair and sideburns are white and grey. He is wearing a white shirt with black tie and jacket. The background is dark blue-grey. The artist’s signature, “Jeannette Wales”, can be seen in the lower left corner. The portrait is set in a simple wood frame with a narrow gold mat.
Oil landscape of the village of Saint-André-d’Argenteuil in summer; colour. The foreground shows deciduous and evergreen trees and green fields. Behind these, the village with its houses and white church is surrounded by two rivers on the left and right. A hill covered in green and ochre farmland rises behind the village. Indistinct blue hills can be seen in the distant background. The sky is cloudy, blue and white.
Black and white photo of Christ Church. The church is made of brick, the double door in the centre is open on one side and topped by a lancet window. Another window of the same shape can be found in the bell tower. The openings in the bell tower are lancet-shaped and it is topped by a tall spire crowned with a black cross. Two loudspeakers are mounted on either side of the door and there are many trees behind the church.
Sepia photograph of an elderly Frances Mary Smith, 1880, sitting, from the knees up. She is facing slightly left and looking at the camera with a calm expression. Her left hand rests on an open book on a desk. She is wearing a black dress and a white lace cap. Her white hair is tied behind her head, under the cap.
Black and white photograph of Maude and her sister Alice as children. They are sitting by a fence and gazing seriously at the camera. They are wearing dresses with bare shoulders and dark puffy sleeves. Maude, on the left, has dark hair tied behind her head and wears a flower on her right arm. Alice, on the right, has light hair, also tied behind her head. They are sitting behind an arrangement of flowers, two hats and three rocks on the lawn.
Photograph of Elmbank, Maude Abbott’s home, in winter, black and white. It is a two-storey brick house with a gable roof, two chimneys and a gallery on both floors. There is a wooden fence and a sign marked “HONEY” in front of the house, and many trees on the property.
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