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Last page of the University of Bishop’s College booklet, black ink on sepia paper. Engraving of a university-style building at Bishop’s College. It is a three-storey pale stone building surrounded by high wooden fences. Trees can be seen at the rear. There are pedestrians, a horse, a carriage, and a cart in front of and beside the building.
Page 31 of the University of Bishop’s Collage booklet, sepia. It presents the examination results for the 1892-93 session by primary subject. The page title reads: “31 Results of Examinations Session 1892-93. Primary Subjects”. The subjects listed on this page are: “Botany”, “Chemistry”, “Practical Chemistry”, “Physiology”, “Materia Medica” and “Anatomy”. Maude Abbott’s name (Miss Abbott) can be found under “Physiology, 1st class honors”.
Page 34 of the University of Bishop’s Collage booklet, sepia. This page presents a list of students having obtained honours in medicine at Bishop’s. The top of the page reads: “Students who have obtained Honors in Medicine in this University”. The list of students is in two columns, and the first name is “ABBOTT, Miss Maude – 1892. Practical Anatomy, Senior Prize.”
Black and white photograph of Maude Abbott as a young adult, from the waist up. She is wearing a graduation gown. Her dark hair is tied behind her head and she is looking slightly to her left. There is a signature in the lower right corner, in ink: “Sincerely Yours. Maude Elizabeth Seymour Abbott”. The printer’s signature appears below this: “Rice. Montreal”.
Colour photograph of two pages of Maude Abbott’s Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Disease. The page on the left, “Plate XVII Pulmonary Outflow Tract Stenosis”, and the one on the right, “Plate VXIII Pulmonary Stenosis/Atresia (Tetralogy of Fallot)”, present heart specimens in colour, with explanations at the bottom of the page.
Clipping of a poem written by Maude Abbott, black ink on sepia paper, published in the women’s edition of the Montreal Daily Witness.
Note written in black ink on sepia paper. It reads: “Poem by Dr. Maude Abbott – published in Women’s Edition of the Montreal Daily Witness May 15, 1909”.
Collage of a colour watercolour on sepia paper. Landscape of deciduous trees in autumn. In the centre, two men are working with a horse and cart. The sky is cloudy, with small patches of blue between the clouds.
Black and white diagram of the cardiovascular system showing a defect of the ventricular septum and dextroposition of the aorta; black ink on white paper.
Black and white photograph with coloured details of an adult woman; head and shoulders. She is looking at the camera, in three-quarters profile. Her pale blue eyes are reddened, and her hair is reddish-brown. She has thin lips and eyebrows and freckles on her cheeks and nose. She is wearing a white sweater with a mid-neck collar.
Black and white photo of an exhibit of anatomical specimens at McGill University. Specimens in square glass jars are displayed along a wall.
Pages 83 and 84 of Maude Abbott’s museum classification guide; black ink on sepia paper. Each page has the title “Museum Classification – Abbott” followed by a list of medical conditions.
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