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Book cover. The book is blue with the following title in gold lettering: “Classified Bibliography of Sir William Osler Maude E. Abbot”
First page of the Classified Bibliography of Sir William Osler, black ink on sepia paper. It contains the following text: “Classified and Annotated Bibliography Of Sir William Osler’s Publications (Based on the Chronological Bibliography by Minnie Wright Blogg) Edited by Maude E. Abbott, B.A., M.D., LL.D. (McGill)” The McGill University coat of arms appears under this title, followed by: “Second Edition, Revised and Indexed Montreal, Canada The Medical Museum, McGill University 1939”.
Photograph of a grey engraving of a bust of William Osler, adult, right profile. He is wearing a jacket with a high-collared shirt and tie. He has an imposing moustache and short hair. To his left can be seen the inscription “F. Vernon – Paris MDCCCIII”. The bottom of the engraving reads “William Osler”.
Photograph of a class of young adults, men and a few women, sepia. There are 35 students arranged around a room. They are all wearing black graduation gowns with a white sash with dark edges over the left shoulder. The men have short hair and the women have their hair tied behind their heads. They are in a room with a large carpet on the floor, in front of a balcony, stairs with columns and large bookshelves.
Colour photograph of a doctor’s bag and instruments. At the back there is a large rectangular black leather bag with a handle in the centre and clasps on both sides. The bag is slightly damaged at the corners. In front of the bag and to the left is a smaller case, also made of black leather. It is open, showing a beige interior. The case contains a large beige-grey cotton bandage. A blood pressure bulb and a gold-coloured sphygmomanometer lean against the case. To the right, there is an old syringe in a cardboard box and three needles can be seen to its left.
Copy of a letter from Dr. Osler to Dr. Maude Abbott dated January 23, 1908, black ink on sepia paper. The doctor congratulates her on the quality of an article she wrote.
Photograph of page 33 of the Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Disease by Maude Abbott, black and white. The page is titles “Plate XIII. Patent Ductus Arteriosus” and contains 11 figures illustrating cardiac arteries.
Page 203 of a book by Maude Abbott on the impact of bacterial inflammation on cardiovascular processes. The top of the page reads “Inflammatory Processes in Cardio-Vascular Defects”. Two columns of text explain the various processes. A black and white photograph in the centre of the page shows an interior view of the left ventricle of a heart.
Colour photograph of Maude Abbott’s Atlas. It is red with the inscription “Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Disease - Maude E. Abbott” in gold lettering. Under the title is the gold seal of the International Academy of Pathology: the name of the academy encircles images of a globe, a microscope and the lamp of learning, above the inscription “IAMM 1906”.
Photograph of page 12 of Maude Abbott’s Atlas. The top of the page reads “Plate V. Clinical Classification of Cardiac Defects. Illustrative Diagrams”. The page shows 9 figures representing different views of a heart.
McGill University diploma. “Doctorem in Medicina” awarded to Maud Elizabeth Seymour Abbott by McGill University. The text on the diploma is in Latin. The lower left corner bears the red seal of McGill University, with several signatures to its right. The diploma is displayed in a narrow, simply decorated gold frame with a white mat.
Page 1 of the list of members of the International Association of Medical Museums to January 1, 1934. Black ink on white paper. The list is in two columns and indicates the year of admission to the association, name and address. The first entry on this page reads “1907 – Abbott, Maude E., Curator, Medical Museum, McGill Univ. Montreal, Canada”. There is a handwritten note in pencil in the upper right corner of the page: “Maude E. Abbott md., permanent international secretary.”
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