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The gallery includes archival photographs and documents, maps, and newspaper advertisements. The videos provide stories and reminiscences from descendants and subject matter specialists. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to watch the video.
Black and white photo, an adult man wearing a beret and a suit, standing on the wooden platform at a train station. Train cars are visible behind and beside him. He is holding a rifle in his left hand, leash in right hand with his dog standing beside him.
Sepia toned photo, man in senior years sitting in a chair with a cane leaning against his leg. In the background is a house and ivy hedge.
Black and white professional studio portrait woman standing, man seated. Nancy's hair parted in the centre, pulled back into a bun. Her right hand rests on Charles shoulder. Charles, seated to her right, with his right foot slightly forward wearing a dark suit and vest, his watch chain is visible from his vest pocket. Charles hair is white; he has a moustache and full beard.
certificate with portrait
man with gray beard standing, dressed in masonic regalia.
poem printed in a newspaper.
white 4-foot high grave-maker with black lettering.
granite plaque on concrete base
sepia tone business advertisement
several wooden buildings of various sizes and heights at docks on a river bank
newspaper advertisement
oil painting, muted colors, mountains are main feature with stands of coniferous and decidious trees in front. Lower right side is white house and faded red farm buildings, wooden fence; dirt road meandering to the house
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