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The gallery includes archival photographs and documents, maps, and newspaper advertisements. The videos provide stories and reminiscences from descendants and subject matter specialists. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to watch the video.
multi-windowed 2 story brick building, front door facing the street corner with 2nd floor balcony along both sides with railing. Roof shows a dozen chimneys. Patrons stand on lower verandah and several hacks are waiting on the street.
bronze plaque on concrete pedestal
book cover, blue, worn edges.
Portrait. Black male age 50, dressed semi-formally wearing jacket, vest, winged-collar white shirt with a striped pattern bow-tie.
hand-written invoice with company letterhead dated June 18, 1875
Black and white photo, inside a building there are several tables with many folded bolts of fabric on them. There is a counter with a man standing behind it.
wide dirt street lined on both sides with businesses, constructed of wood and brick of various lengths and heights and roof types. People are walking or standing at storefronts, horses and carts travel the streets.
decorative salmon can label
young bearded man standing at easel with paint brushes and palette in left hand and 1 brush in right hand
newspaper article
newspaper article
About 20 members of the Victoria Pioneer Rifles Corp stand in their ranks with the British flag in the background
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