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The gallery includes archival photographs and documents, maps, and newspaper advertisements. The videos provide stories and reminiscences from descendants and subject matter specialists. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to watch the video.
commemorative plaque with text and 3 images mounted on a fence at a slight angle visible to passersby
black and white Oberlin College class photo (1855) 18 students are white, black, female and male.
2 sepia photos side by side with colonial structures at end of long pathway, horse and cart in the foreground
Giscome Portage Trail sign hanging from timber arch
2 story front-gabled house, verandah, gray with burgundy trim
sepia toned taken from side angle of 2 story shingled and gabled house with porch, fence and trees at front house
church with white clapboard siding, grey roof in treed setting. front steps to entryway.
official professional portrait of older man standing, tuxedo, winged collar, medal on lapel
sepia toned photo, man seated on rock with full beard holding hat, man standing beside him, clean-shaven holding hat, seascape background
3 women of varying ages viewing a plaque mounted on a brick wall.
Hand tinted photo, young adult female standing next to a chair posing for the camera with a slight smile; wearing a long light-colored dress with wide belt, ruffles on the skirt. hair is in ringlets
sepia toned portrait of young woman. Image in oval frame mat. Hair is in ringlets pulled back from her face; dress has buttoned bodice with white lace collar. Emma is written at the bottom.
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