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The gallery includes archival photographs and documents, maps, and newspaper advertisements. The videos provide stories and reminiscences from descendants and subject matter specialists. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to watch the video.
bronze plaque on concrete base
bronze plaque inlaid on top of a concrete causeway wall.
collage of faces of the Black men, women and children of varying ages who came to B.C. in 1858.
man with full beard, holding rifle upright, dog to the left, cougar carcase hanging on right, estimated length paws to tail is 9 feet.
black and white professional portrait, young man, dark hair and moustache wearing formal suit with cravat.
newspaper advertisement about a gold find in Sooke, on the Leech River.
signature on hand-written document
newpaper article
sepia photo, old woman seated at table with cup of tea and newspaper open on table, looking out a window
black and white professional portrait 2 sisters in colonial dresses wearing hats, girl age 23 left is seated, girl age 11 is standing, deciduous saplings in background
black and white portrait of middle-aged woman hair pulled back with a decorative band.
sepia photo, old woman wearing bonnet, long work dress, apron sitting in rocking chair on porch holding rake across lap in left hand.
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