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In her letter of support for this project, Lisa Helps, Mayor City of Victoria wrote: “Stories have a profound effect on our sense of identity, our culture and our celebrations; knowledge of our history is critical to maintain a sense of belonging. This is important not only to the present, but also to our future. Stories are vital for young people to have a sense of connection to themselves, their land, and their culture.

The BC Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS) is grateful to the following individuals and organizations, that helped make this exhibit a reality with their unwavering dedication, expertise, talent, and resourcefulness.

The City of Victoria
Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL)
HERE Magazine
ITI International Technologies Incorporated
Old Cemeteries Society (OCS)
Dr. John Lutz, Chair of the History Department, University of Victoria

BC Black History Awareness Society Project Team
Project Manager, Lead Writer, Research: Fran Morrison
Lead Advisor, Writer, Editor: Mavis DeGirolamo
Sponsorship: Silvia Mangue
Treasurer and Legal Advisor: Paul Schachter, J.D.
Graphic Design, Photography: Beth Cruise, Tracy Guinchard
Video Content/Speakers: Youth: Khumalo, Nandi, Selina, Tanya; Mandeep Kaur Mucina, Ron Nicholson, Karen Hoshal

Videography and Photography
Producer, Videographer, Photographer and Editor: John-Evan Snow  (FotoVie)
Audio Recordist: Jeff Leung, Mohit Verma
Video Editor: Sandy Rossignol, Sandy Warhol

Website Technical Specialist and Support – Crystal Sherrah (ITI)

Salt Spring Island Archives
Research by SSI Archives Volunteers – Ceridwen Ross Collins, Christina Marshall, Usha Rautenbach, Elsie Mountford and Emma Bishop. Special thanks to Judy Sims for her memories of the Estes-Stark Collection.

John Adams, Discover the Past Walking Tours
Fiona Bramble, HERE Magazine
Gerry Buydens, Old Cemeteries Society
Linda Carlson and Davyd McMinn, Dandridge House Video
Bertha Clarke aka Adelene Da Soul Poet
Kevin Creamore, Photography
Sherry Edmunds-Flett, Research, Historian
Barbara Hudlin, Doug Hudlin story
Crawford Kilian, Author
Dr. John Lutz, Chair of the History Department, University of Victoria
Sarah Rathjen, City of Victoria Archives
Linda Richards, Old Cemeteries Society
Shayli Robinson, Photography
Peter Schildwächter, Photography

MOSAIC Interpretation and Translation Services

Barkerville Historic Town & Park Archives
British Colonist Archives
City of Vancouver Archives
City of Victoria Archives
Oberlin College Archives
Royal BC Museum and Archives
Salt Spring Island Archives
University of British Columbia Archives
University of Victoria Archives

To learn more about BC’s Black History visit our website