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The gallery includes archival photographs and documents, maps, and newspaper advertisements. The videos provide stories and reminiscences from descendants and subject matter specialists. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to watch the video.
map of North America
map of British Columbia
4 youth, ranging in age from 6 to 15, walking side by side in historic square
Black and white photo, a lookout tower stands before two large buildings. There is a gate between them with a pathway that goes between the buildings.
senior man with salt&pepper hair & moustache sitting in room. wall plaque is partially shown above right shoulder.
senior man with salt&pepper hair & moustache sitting on park bench in grassy park, turned to the camera. evergreen trees in background
1850's colonial brick building
older woman sitting on piano bench in a church turned to the camera; mannequin with long black colonial dress to her right
Text at bottom says NE corner Government & Yates 1858 intersection of 2 dirt streets with businesses buildings constructed of wood and brick of various lengths and heights, and roof types. A few people and horses can be seen
older couple standing on sidewalk in front of house. woman's hands are clasped in front, man is standing with hands behind back
Portrait shot of slim, older woman with close-cropped afro hair style, smiling, in a studio, black background.
public square showing pavement with double row of gray bricks with etched names
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