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Discover Antoine Labelle through the images, videos and audio clips presented in the gallery.
Colour photograph of a six-piece men’s toilet service in porcelain. In front, left to right: receptacle for items, shaving scuttle, soap dish, and water jug. At the rear: shaving bowl. The porcelain objects are white, with flower motifs and gilt edges.
An advertising poster printed in black ink on orange-coloured paper. The title is “Loterie nationale de colonisation de M. le Curé A. Labelle.” A variety of information appears beneath the title, including the value of prizes, the list and number of prizes, descriptions of the prizes, and a description of the lottery.
Images of the obverse and reverse of a lottery ticket printed on yellowish rectangular card stock. The obverse bears the name of the lottery, the number and cost of the ticket, and a description of the top prize. The reverse bears the list of prizes to be won and the names of two administrators.
Images of the obverse and reverse of a lottery ticket printed on bright pink rectangular card stock. The obverse bears the name of the lottery, the beneficiary organization, the number and cost of the ticket, a description of the grand prize, and the signature of the lottery director. The reverse bears the full list and number of prizes to be won, remarks about the lottery, and the names of three administrators.
Sepia-tone photograph of a winter scene in a lumbermen’s camp. In the middle ground is a long windowless building of log construction, its roof covered in snow. In front of the building are thirty or so men, a dozen horses and two yoked oxen. In the background is a forest.
Black & white photograph of a group of people standing on a riverbank by a canoe: two priests, two women, a child, two men holding rifles, a man taking notes, and another man. Some wooden buildings and a wooden bridge are seen in the background.
Photograph of a page from a notebook. Handwritten in pencil are the words “Les voyages du Nord. 1877, Premier voyage sur la rivière du Diable” (“Travels Northward. 1877, first trip on the Diable River”). A number of other destinations follow.
Colour photograph of a sculpture assembled from driftwood. The lifesize sculpture, located in a woodland, represents a sled filled with logs, pulled by two horses. A driver sculpted in wood sits at the front of the sled. Two men dressed in period costumes pose on the sled.
Sepia-tone photograph of a man aged about sixty, seated in a chair. His hair is white and he is slightly balding, with a thick, white, medium-length beard. He wears a dark velvet waistcoat and jacket, with trousers in a lighter material. His left arm rests on a table covered in a velvet tablecloth.
Black & white photograph of a steam locomotive on a railway. The date “Sept. 19, 1878” has been added to the photograph, above the locomotive. A small freight car is coupled to the locomotive.
Illustration of a banquet. The drawing is rectangular in shape. An oval at the centre of the rectangle shows men in evening dress sitting down to a banquet in a decorated room. At the far end of the room, Curé Labelle stands at the head table. Outside the oval are scenes of the village: a train at the station, a flour mill, the church and presbytery, and the river.
Photomontage of three clippings from French newspapers published in 1890. At left, a printed engraving shows a seated man reading a newspaper. In the centre is article titled “Mgr Labelle.” At right is a page from a newspaper with text at top and an engraving from a photograph of Curé Labelle at bottom.
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