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Discover Antoine Labelle through the images, videos and audio clips presented in the gallery.
Sepia-tone photograph of a man in his thirties. He has close-cropped dark curly hair. He wears small oval eyeglasses. He wears a cassock, with a clerical collar.
Black & white photograph of a group of around twenty people on the porch of a wooden house. In the centre of the group, Curé Labelle, a heavy-set man wearing a cassock, is seated in a chair. At right, on the ground in front of the porch, is a large birchbark canoe.
Black & white photograph of a man in his forties, with dark hair and a thick moustache. He wears elegant clothes beneath a fur coat.
Black & white photograph depicting the 23 members of the Ministry of Agriculture and Colonization on September 1, 1889. Sixteen men stand behind group of a seven seated on chairs behind a table.
Image of the cover page of the Almanach agricole, commercial et historique for 1888, published by J.B. Rolland & fils. The page contains text printed in black ink with, at the centre, an engraving of a globe surrounded by a number of farm implements.
Advertisement that appeared in the newspaper L’Avenir du Nord of May 10, 1906. The ad touts the stud services of an Ardennais stallion named Rodeur, imported from Belgium by the Quebec government. To the right is a drawing of a spirited stallion and a handler pulling on a bridle in an effort to control it.
Image of a newspaper article. It is a report of profits from the Saint-Jérôme co-operative butter factory in 1881. The table lists the name of the milk supplier, the quantity provided, and the corresponding amount of money.
Black & white photograph of a landscape in summertime. In the foreground, a field is seen, with a cow in the middle distance. In the far distance is a plain with a few scattered houses and farm buildings.
Sepia-tone photograph of an iron bridge and river in summer. People can be seen on the bridge deck and on the girders up above. A log boom is visible in the foreground, with some wooden buildings in the background.
Black & white photograph of a landscape in spring. In the foreground at right, a small wooden bridge crosses a fast-flowing river with rapids; a pile of logs is also seen. Upstream, in the background at left, is a dam with water spilling over it forcefully. In the centre is an industrial brick building, and behind it, a house and a few farm buildings.
Black & white photograph of a group of people, mostly men, standing on a walkway in summer. The walkway leads to a large brick factory building. People are also seen perched higher up, in an opening on a higher floor of the factory. Many of those pictured are wearing top hats for the occasion.
Image of an oblique map depicting a small town seen from the air in 1881. The black & white map is hand-drawn. A number of streets are seen on either side of a river, along with a church, several houses, industrial buildings, and three bridges. A legend beneath the map lists 17 points of interest.
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