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Discover Antoine Labelle through the images, videos and audio clips presented in the gallery.
Black & white photograph of Curé Labelle. He is seated and, with his cassock unbuttoned and opened at the chest, his excess weight is conspicuous.
Black & white photograph of a crowd outdoors, surrounding an imposing figure, Curé Antoine Labelle. Several men are seen, along with a few women and children, all well dressed. Labelle wears a black cassock and black hat and is giving a speech; his mouth is open and his right arm is raised beside his head. His left art rests on his hip.
Photograph of a painted plaster statue. It shows Curé Labelle holding, in his right hand, a map of the Laurentians region and pointing downward, with his left hand, to a tree trunk and an axe.
Advertising poster for the exhibition entitled Les Stations du curé Labelle. The upper part of the poster contains the title. Below it is a depiction of Curé Labelle, tall and imposing in stature, standing with one hand resting on a cane. Beside him, a woman much shorter than him pretends to paint him. She holds a paintbrush in one hand and a palette in the other.
Black & white photograph of a man standing beside a desk, talking to other man seated behind it. The desk is covered with many items: a large, open book, a stapler, a pair of glasses, an inkwell and pen, and many other small objects.
Black & white photograph of a statue of Curé Labelle pointing northward. The statue stands on an imposing pedestal. Below Labelle’s feet is his coat of arms, and lower still, a smaller bronze statue of a pioneer. A man and his children are seen standing by the pedestal.
Colour photograph of exhibition panels with texts and images, surrounding display cases housing various objects.
Colour photograph of 14 men and women surrounding a table on which sits a statue of a bear, symbolizing Curé Labelle.
Drawing in black ink showing a street sign bearing the name “Rue Labelle.” Nearby, a workman carries away a sign reading “Rue Dumont,” which has been replaced.
Reproductions of three black & white advertisements for a brewery. The first illustration is of a man in travelling clothes being welcomed by a group of well-dressed men and women in a living room. The second shows a man wearing a cassock and his travelling companion, shotgun in hand, standing beside a canoe by a river. In the third, a many in a cassock is seen with, in the background, a waterfall on a river and churches in various architectural styles. At the bottom of each advertisement are several paragraphs of advertising copy and the name of a brand of beer.
Recent colour photograph of a three-story brick building, with similar adjoining buildings on either side.
Engraving in black ink depicting a priest in his fifties, with short, curly hair. He wears a buttoned cassock, and a wide sash, symbolizing position in the Catholic hierarchy. He is standing, with his arm resting on two books that sit on a table to his left.
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