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Discover Antoine Labelle through the images, videos and audio clips presented in the gallery.
Illustration of a group of people headed toward an exit. A father, mother and three children, seen from the rear, are the only ones drawn in detail. Ahead of them, small shaded circles represent a crowd of people walking toward a distant point. To the right of the crowd is a sign that reads sortie (“exit”).
Black & white photograph of two men standing in photographer’s studio. One of them, a priest, wears a black cassock and is leaning on a pommel cane. The other wears a light-coloured three-piece suit and stands with his hands in his pockets. Both wear top hats.
Sepia-tone photograph of the first Church in Saint-Jérôme. The church is built of fieldstone, as is the charnel house, visible to the right. Also seen at right are a number of small farm structures. A wooden sidewalk borders the dirt road in the foreground.
Engraving published in a newspaper, showing the façade of a rectangular one-and-a-half storey house with a steeply pitched roof having three dormers. A porch extends the full width of the house, with the roof overhanging it. A wooden fence runs along the dirt road in the foreground.
Old black and white photo of a man standing, wearing a black vest
Reproduction of an old newspaper page
Handwritten letter from Curé Labelle to William Scott
Handwritten letter dated 1876
Map showing lands north of Montreal and the principal rivers running through them. The lot divisions are indicated by rectangles on either side of the roads.
Colour photograph of an arrowhead sash, or ceinture fléchée, around 20 cm wide and 2 m long. The woven pattern looks like lightning bolts or arrowheads. The broad stripe down the middle is bright red, with symmetrical zigzags to the right and left of centre. On each end is a long fringe of three woollen braids.
Black ink engraving depicting an elderly man, head turned slightly to the right. He wears a pale-coloured shirt with a bowtie and a jacket buttoned only once, at the top. He has a receding hairline, dark hair streaked with grey, and a number of deep lines in his face.
Sepia-tone photograph of an elderly woman, clad in a long black dress with a wide lace collar. Her white hair is tied in a bun behind her head and covered in a black lace bonnet (a béguin) tied with a large ribbon under her chin. Her hands, crossed on her lap, reveal fingers twisted and worn by old age.
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