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Discover Antoine Labelle through the images, videos and audio clips presented in the gallery.
High-relief sculpture of Curé Labelle. On the left-hand side is a locomotive seen from the front, with train tracks; and on the right is Labelle, standing.
Black & white photograph of a group of nine people standing on the shore of a rushing river. At left, a man is perched partway up a tree trunk. Curé Labelle, a heavy-set man, is seen wearing a cassock and a wide-brimmed felt hat. At centre and right are six men and a teenaged boy wearing three-piece suits and top hats, caps or felt hats. Two of them are smoking pipes.
Colour photograph of an actor playing the role of Curé Labelle. He wears a cassock and a hat, and carries a box of maps.
Colour photograph of two actors in a forest setting. A man in a cassock, playing Curé Labelle, points to something in the distance. The man accompanying him, wearing a coat, scarf and hat, stands close to him and gazes into the distance.
Colourized photograph of Curé Labelle seated at a desk, holding a letter. His right hand rests on the desk, and his left hand rests on the arm of his chair.
Black & white photograph of Curé Labelle. He is seated and, with his cassock unbuttoned and opened at the chest, his excess weight is conspicuous.
Sepia-tone photograph of an elderly woman, clad in a long black dress with a wide lace collar. Her white hair is tied in a bun behind her head and covered in a black lace bonnet (a béguin) tied with a large ribbon under her chin. Her hands, crossed on her lap, reveal fingers twisted and worn by old age.
Reproduction of an article in the newspaper Le Nord of May 4, 1882, with the headline “Saint-Jérôme iron ore analyzed at the École des Mines de Paris.”
An engraving depicting the coat of arms chosen by Curé Labelle. It features an escutcheon (shield) with a pointed base, with a cross on one side and a sheaf of wheat on the other. Above is a hat, with a braided cord descending on either side of the shield. The curé’s motto is inscribed in a banderole beneath the escutcheon.
Photographie sépia d’un prêtre dans la quarantaine. Le portrait montre la partie supérieure de son corps. L’homme bien en chair, il a un double menton, porte une soutane et un col romain.
Allegorical painting depicting Curé Labelle as a bear in a cassock. Labelle, with a walking stick in his hand, stands and surveys the surrounding mountains, which extend as far as the eye can see. Seated next to him, a fox and a wolf warm themselves by a fire.
Allegorical painting depicting Curé Labelle as a bear in a cassock. He is surrounded by a colourfully dressed cast of characters: fox, weasel, deer, woodcock, magpie, etc.
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