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We invite you to explore the historical photographs presented in the exhibit.
Five men all dressed in formal business suits and ties have their hands on a book. Beside them is a man reading from a paper. All of the men are very serious.
Four men are working beside a primitive sawmill. The saw is cutting a large Larch log and another large log is on the carriage waiting to be cut. The sawmill is in an open field.
A man and a woman in a dress are playing with wooden stilts. They are laughing. A boy is watching in the background. There is a wooden structure in the background that appears to be a barn.
A large group of soldiers are mounted on horseback on a dirt street. There are several wooden buildings in the background.
A group of children are dancing around the May pole. The girls are wearing frilly dresses and the boys are in dark pants and dress shirts. A group of pioneer are watching.
A small boy is holding the reins of two harnessed Percheron horses. The boy and horses are standing in front of a log building.
A pioneer family is standing in front of a log cabin. The father is looking at the 5 small children standing in front of him. None of the children are wearing shoes and all are wearing hats. The mother is standing beside the man holding a baby.
Two young girls are dressed in lacey dresses, gloves and a headdress with flowers. Both girls are holding a bible.
A small boy is throwing grain from a can onto the ground. Several chickens are pecking at the grain.
A group of young children are gathered in a Christmas nativity scene and most of the children have their hands held in prayer. They are looking at a doll in the manger.
A logo displays a mountain in the background with a lake. In the foreground there are trees and corn stalks. The logo displays the words: Lumby, Gateway to the Monashee, Simply the Best.
A railcar partly loaded with wooden poles is being loaded by a steam engine. A man is standing on top of the load guiding the poles into place. The steam engine has a long boom with a hook.
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