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A stout man is wearing a great Gatsby style top hat and a wool suit. He has a thick, bushy mustache that grows around his mouth and along his jaw to his ears.

Moses Lumby 1892

Lumby’s system of governance began when the town was incorporated as a village on December 22, 1955, over ninety years after the first white settler, Louis Christien, arrived to the area.

The district was first known as Bull Meadows.  Later the name changed to White Valley after George LeBlanc (who built a cabin in the area around 1874).  In 1892, Louis Morand laid out the town site on 40 acres of his land.

The name of the new town site became “Lumby” after Moses Lumby (1840-1893), the government agent and gold commissioner for the Vernon area from 1891 to 1893.  Prior to incorporation, governance issues were handled by the Lumby and District Board of Trade.

Five men all dressed in formal business suits and ties have their hands on a book. Beside them is a man reading from a paper. All of the men are very serious.

Lumby’s First Commissioners Feb. 18, 1956.

Following incorporation, Interim Commissioners were established and included, Cecil Wills, William F. Shields and John (Jack) Dyck.  The first election of Commissioners took place on February 18, 1956.  From thirteen candidates the following were elected, Neville Ross (Pat) Duke (chairman), George Herman Fisher, James Wilson Inglis, John Kirchsteiger, and Ernest Ross Pierce.   The name Commissioners was changed in 1968 to Alderman and in June of 1992 to Councilors.  

Mayors for the Village of Lumby include:

1956-1960 Neville Ross (Pat) Duke

1961-1963 James Wilson Inglis

1964-1985 Neville Ross (Pat) Duke

1986-1992 Dave Simpson

1992-2002 Joanne Kineshanko

2002-2009 Eric Foster

2009-present Kevin Acton