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Although there was not a lot of time for sports activities, the early settlers loved to be outside and soon began looking for ways to entertain themselves outdoors. The creeks provided a natural playground for skating and swimming.

Four young men are standing on ice covered with snow. Two of the men have hockey sticks. All are wearing ice skates and plain sweaters.

Lumby Hockey Team 1913

Initially, sports activities were very informal and spontaneous.  A get-together at a neighbor’s home might result in playing a little hockey on the frozen pond or, in summer, an informal game of softball. It didn’t matter if you had four or fourteen players – everyone could play. Even the girls were allowed to get into the game – if only when there was a shortage of male players!

The first skating rink was originally built in the late 1890’s.  It was an outdoor rink, which meant ice could only be made if the weather cooperated!  Many hours were spent flooding the rink and once it was good enough to play on, more hours were spent clearing snow with a horse and snow scoop.

Twelve football players are posing for a picture. The five men in front are sitting with their legs crossed. The man in the middle has a football. All the men are wearing the same sweater except a man in the middle wearing a suit. He appears to be the coach.

First Football Team 1907

Various sports teams were formed over the years for fun and competition, including the football team that was formed in 1907. Keep in mind that what the English called football was, in fact, soccer.  Depending on where you were from, there was quite a few heated discussions over the years regarding this interpretation.

A pioneer ice hockey team is posing with a trophy. There are two coaches in suits and a young boy standing beside the hockey team. The hockey players have striped sweaters with numbers and are wearing gloves, striped socks and ice skates.

Lumby Flying Frenchmen Hockey Team 1940

Hockey would soon become the favorite winter sports pastime and a fierce rivalry amongst the various towns throughout the Okanagan Valley resulted in some very serious games.

In 1912, a former Lumby Hockey player, Dave Hardy, was asked to go and play in Madison Square Garden for New York.  Dave declined – he didn’t want to leave his hometown!!

Lumby’s Flying Frenchmen Hockey Team – so named because the original players were all French or of French descent – became a contender for various trophies and in the 1930-1931 season became the Senior AA Champions of British Columbia – winning the coveted Coy Cup.

A group of female baseball players are sitting on the grass posing for a picture. The players are wearing white blouses, shorts and dark socks. One player is holding a wooden baseball bat and ball.

Lumby Girls Ball Team 1924