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Welcome to the Celebration '90 : Gay Games III & Cultural Festival gallery. Images in the this gallery include original photographs and video stills. If you want to see an image in full size just click on the image.
Black and white photo of women Triathlon athletes in swim suits, googles, and bathing caps, crowded together at the start line on the beach at English Bay preparing for the 1.5K swim portion of the event.
Vancouver team enters stadium at Gay Games I
Celebration '90 volunteer and photographer, Daniel Collins, talks about the transit ad poster shoot.
Mary Brookes, General Manager at Celebration '90 Office.
The Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive
A crowded disco evening at Celebration Centre's Plaza of Nations.
At the Closing Ceremonies of Gay Games II, Richard Dopson stands on the stage at the microphone in front of a large Gay Games flag held out by the Vancouver delegation.
Betty Baxter and Sushi Bar drawing raffle winners at the Pep Rally, Commodore Ballroom.
International and local LGBTQ2S+ athletes mingle openly a streetside cafe in Vancouver.
Three Company LA. singer-dancers perform at Swing '90 at the Commodore Ballroom.
Four musicians in the brass section of the 18-piece big band group, City Swing Band, at Swing '90 at the Commodore Ballroom, August 6, 1990.
Two women pass the baton in women's relay race at Swanguard Stadium, Burnaby.
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