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Closing Ceremonies: The Party Begins

The final official act of Gay Games III,  and a cause of celebration for the next host city of the Gay Games, was the passing of the flag to the winning bid recipients of Gay Games IV. Federation of Gay Games representatives Peg Gray and Rick Peterson made the announcement to an excited crowd.

View video with a transcription: “Gay Games IV Winning Bid Announcement”

With the announcement made it was time for the final celebration to begin with performances by musicians well-known to Canadian audiences.

England-born Long John Baldry played a key role in the British rhythm and blues movement of the 1960’s and is credited with launching the careers of Rod Stewart and Elton John among others. Baldry moved to Canada in the 1970’s and had lived in British Columbia since 1978.  In 1979, he released his classic album, “Baldry’s Out”. It featured his cover of the explicitly queer “A Thrill’s a Thrill” by Canadian songwriter,  philanthropist and activist, Barbra Amesbury. 

View this video with a transcription: “Long John Baldry”

Next on stage were Canada’s most popular a cappella group, The Nylons. This Toronto group’s pop covers, such as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, are Canadian classics.

A black and white photo of the four male members of the Canadian a cappella group, The Nylons, striking a pose - wide leg stance, mic in one hand, and the other held straight up towards the roof - as they perform on the B.C. Place Stadium stage for Closing Ceremonies.

Canadian a cappella quartet, The Nylons, on stage at B.C. Place Stadium, August 11, 1990.


Black and white photo of a character in the Carnaval! fantasy parade. The patterned costume has several three-dimensional baby-sized fabric dolls attached to it. The character has a decorated staff in each hand. One has a baby-sized wood doll clinging to it. The character wears a glossy, painted, wooden mask. It has a wide, open smile and long horns with a large orb-shaped 'crown' comprised of intertwining curved branch-like structures between them.

Photo by Daniel Collins.

The celebratory evening ended with Carnaval! a fantasy parade. Fantastical creatures and people in extravagant costumes led the  audience and athletes out of the stadium and towards the Plaza of Nations for one last party together.

View the video with a transcript: “Closing Ceremonies: Carnaval!”