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We Could Have A Life Like This

International and local LGBTQ2S+ athletes mingle openly a streetside cafe in Vancouver.

Celebration ’90 athletes mingle at a streetside cafe in Vancouver.

McEwen and Shea’s interviews capture the optimism felt by the advocates of Celebration ’90 in the lead up to Games and by those who experienced them firsthand. These statements imagine a future beyond the personal bests, pageantry and parties of the Games.

Shawn Kelly spoke directly to LGBTQ2S+ people who had not yet come out.

View this video with a transcript: “Shawn Kelly: The Most Rich Universe You Can Imagine”

At a press conference during the Literary Festival, Jane Rule was asked why she thought it was important that artists participate in Celebration ’90. She made a passionate case for the necessity for LGBTQ2S+ people to stand up for their rights even if it put them at personal risk.

View this video with a transcription: “Jane Rule: Being Visible”

Writer Yves Navarre’s reading at the Literary Festival opened with a statement about the Gay Games success. He later recites a series of “Private Statements”. In number seven, he lays out how the LGBTQS2+ community might change after Celebration ’90.

View this video with a transcription: “Yves Navarre Reading”

Board member Coreen Douglas talked about how the Games made it possible to imagine what it felt like to be in the majority.

View this video with a transcript: “Coreen Douglas: We Could Have a Life Like This”