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Welcome to the Celebration '90 : Gay Games III & Cultural Festival gallery. Images in the this gallery include original photographs and video stills. If you want to see an image in full size just click on the image.
Richard Dopson is interviewed at Sunset Beach Park about the Gay Games III host city announcement at Gay Games II Closing Ceremonies.
Richard Dopson is interviewed at Sunset Beach Park about presenting the bid package to the SFAAA.
Black and white photo of a character in the Carnaval! fantasy parade. The patterned costume has several three-dimensional baby-sized fabric dolls attached to it. The character has a decorated staff in each hand. One has a baby-sized wood doll clinging to it. The character wears a glossy, painted, wooden mask. It has a wide, open smile and long horns with a large orb-shaped 'crown' comprised of intertwining curved branch-like structures between them.
Singer Long John Baldry, wearing a white suit, black shirt with white dots, and white fedora, walks across the stage to the microphone mouthing thank you to the crowd. His band is playing the opening bars of A Thrill's A Thrill.
The Gay Games flag for Gay Games IV is held up by the winning bid team.
Co-founder of the Gay Games, Tom Waddell, is interviewed by Mary Anne McEwen at a park picnic table at the 1983 Vancouver Gay Summer Games.
Vancouver Comedian Lovie Sizzle performs on the Plaza Stage at the Celebration Centre.
MVAAA Board member, Richard Dopson, is interviewed on Sunset Beach park. He recalls his first meeting with Tom Waddell in San Francisco in August 1982 at Gay Games I.
The Canadian contingent of the Parade of Athletes enters B.C. Place Stadium at the Opening Ceremonies.
Drummer from Vancouver's Katari Taiko performs at Gayla! A Celebration of Women's Culture at the Orpheum Theatre.
An equestrian practices in the jumping ring at the Campbell Valley Equestrian Centre in Surrey.
Excerpts from Carnaval! the final event of the Closing Ceremonies at B.C. Place Stadium. Fantastical creatures, dance the crowd out of B.C. Place Stadium to the Plaza of Nations. Joyous music plays throughout.
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