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Welcome to the Celebration '90 : Gay Games III & Cultural Festival gallery. Images in the this gallery include original photographs and video stills. If you want to see an image in full size just click on the image.
The Celebration Centre brochure
A black and white photo of the four male members of the Canadian a cappella group, The Nylons, striking a pose - wide leg stance, mic in one hand, and the other held straight up towards the roof - as they perform on the B.C. Place Stadium stage for Closing Ceremonies.
Black and white photo of gold medal winners in the Physique Female Pairs category, Americans Kitty Tsui and B.C. Cliver, assume a Side-Chest pose on stage at the Orpheum Theatre.
Black and white studio photograph of a male hockey player wearing a Montreal Canadiens white jersey and smiling flirtatiously while posing as if 'riding' his stick.
Colour cover of the Celebration '90 Gay Games III & Cultural Festival Official Program. 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch 77-page stapled publication.
A group of female athletes dressed in pink t-shirts and black jackets smile and wave to the crowd with colourful streamers as they walk in the parade of athletes at Opening Ceremonies. The gigantic mural of Vancouver that backed the stage is visible in the background.
Black and white photo portrait of swimmer Michael Mealiffe. He is wearing swimming trunks and standing on an outdoor patio with a slat fence as background.
Canadian author Jane Rule talks about the LGBTQ2S+ community's most courageous people at a Words Without Borders press conference.
Official Close of Celebration '90 Gay Games III & Cultural Festival, August 11, 1990
Celebration '90 Official Newsletter
Québécois formalist poet and novelist, Nicole Brossard, reads the 3rd stanza of her work “Sous La Langue (Under Tongue) in its original french followed by  Vancouver poet, Daphne Marlatt, reading the English translation.
Celebration '90 Outstanding Contributor Award by Nunavut artist Mathew Aqigaaq
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