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Welcome to the Celebration '90 : Gay Games III & Cultural Festival gallery. Images in the this gallery include original photographs and video stills. If you want to see an image in full size just click on the image.
Board member, Betty Baxter, is interviewed at Celebration Centre about board relationships and gays and lesbians working together.
Coreen Douglas is interviewed about what it was like to experience the numbers of out LGBTQ2S+ people in the city.
Board member Coreen Douglas is interviewed about lesbian visibility and power relationships.
Former Consulting Executive Director, Shawn Kelly, is interviewed about the importance of coming out.
Former Consulting-Executive Director, Shawn Kelly, talks about the Time Is Running Out ad and Celebration '90's response.
Celebration '90 volunteer and photographer, Daniel Collins, talks about the transit ad poster shoot.
Queers In Art Committee Co-chair, Donimo, talks about reclaiming the word 'queer'.
Bill Monroe, drag artist, and Mark Mees, Celebration '90 Executive Director talk about the activist and fundraising histories of the LGBTQ2S+ drag and leather communities and their importance to Celebration '90.
Rick Marchand of AIDS Vancouver talks about the AIDS kit designed for Gay Games participants.
Manager of Volunteer Services, Heather Williams, and Office Manager, Mary Brookes, talk about how they are feeling about their work with Celebration '90 within days of its opening.
Canadian musician, Lorraine Segato, opens her set at Celebration '90 Opening Ceremonies  at B.C. Place Stadium addressing on her feelings about the evening, leading into her song, Good Medicine.
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