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Welcome to the Celebration '90 : Gay Games III & Cultural Festival gallery. Images in the this gallery include original photographs and video stills. If you want to see an image in full size just click on the image.
A woman softball player from the Nova Scotia team.
Man lines up a shot at Billiards competition.
Carole Pope sings on stage.
The Canadians enter Kezar Stadium in the Parade of Athletes for the Opening Ceremonies of 1982 Gay Games I.
Soloist Joelle Rabu sings at the Celebration '90 Closing Ceremonies with chorus pictured behind her.
Athletes kid around and pose atop a multi-tiered podium at the Closing Ceremonies set up for last-minute photo-ops at the Closing Ceremonies.
Actors Weston McMillan and Steven Hilton share a kiss on the beach in Warm Wind in China, by Canadian playwright, Kent Stetson.
Torch bearers Penny O’Neil and Kent Knutsen start their run to B.C. Place Stadium from The Flame of Peace, Seaforth Park.
A woman wearing several poster boards with hand-written biblical passages and homophobic rants on them moves through a crowd of Gay Games registrants.
Writer Yves Navarre stands on a stage in front of a microphone with papers in his hands reading from his work.
Rusty Ryan and Company perform at the Fantasy Ball, Commodore Ballroom.
International Mr. Leather and Empress XIX of The Dogwood Monarchist Society in the Dream Sequence, Act III of Phantasia! at the Commodore Ballroom.
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