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These images capture the history of the automotive workers of Oshawa.
Car advertisement showing a 2-door sportscar. Caption reads New Look! New Life (V8 OR 6)! New Everything! 1955 CHEVROLET
Black and white image of several dozen women and men marching in front of a factory building.
Black and white image of four women preparing sandwiches in an industrial kitchen
A man watches as a 1950s automobile passes through a large industrial oven.
Advertising image of a sports car. Caption reads: ORVAIR MONZA CLUB COUPE MOST DISTINCTIVE CAR OF ITS KIND!
1961 Chevrolet advertisment, showing a man and a boy fishing under a bridge while a woman in a sedan watches.
A freight locomotive moves down a crowded street with hundreds of spectators standing on either side.
Foldout brochure showing 11 different car models.
An unfolded matchbook printed with two image of Buick cars.
Colour image of an antique car sitting on top of a car transporter in front of an industrial building. A man in a security guard's uniform is standing in front of the car transporter.
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