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These images capture the history of the automotive workers of Oshawa.
A hand-drawn map of a small town, showing roads, a river, and several small buildings.
Black and white image of eight men and a young boy posed in a line outside a wooden building, surrounded by carriages and carriage parts.
A collage of more than a hundred office and factory workers, with pictures of several buildings.
A painting of several bark huts in a clearing at the edge of a lake. Eight First Nations people in traditional dress are visible walking, talking, sitting in the door of a wigwam and cooking food over a campfire.
A factory room. Carriages and sleds are spread through the space. Several workers are standing in front of a tool bench.
Fifteen female office workers in formal 1900s clothing stand on the steps of a brick building.
Female office workers in 1900s clothing stand on the steps of a brick building with The McLaughlin Carriage Co Limited printed above the doorway.
A group of eight factory workers stand in front of the wheel of a large piece of machinery.
Black and white image of nine hockey players and four coaches in formal wear. Seven of the men are posed sitting, with the other six standing. Title: MCLAUGHLIN CARRIAGE HOCKEY CLUB WINNERS O.H.L. 1905-1906
Colour image of an antique automobile parked on a gravel driveway in front of a large marble house.
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