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These images capture the history of the automotive workers of Oshawa.
Screenshot from a General Motors newsreel: Canada's 500,000th Military Vehicle
Excerpt from an advertisement, showing a soldier superimposed over a stylized map of North Africa and drawings of military trucks
Image of a magazine cover, titled General Motors War-Craftsman, dated July, 1944. Cover shows a close-up of a man descending by parachute, with the caption First To Land June 6th, 1944
Black and white photograph showing a close-up of man driving a commemorative automobile
Cover for a car operator's manual, showing four 1947 Pontiacs
A drawing of two 1947 Chevrolet cars passing each other on a mountainous highway. Two promotional signs with slogans about car care are present in the background.
Newspaper clipping. Headline U.S. GOVERNMENT SUES Du Pont Empire Faces Monopolistic Charges
A beige and blue work coat with GM SERVICE emblazoned over a maple leaf on the breast.
Image of several hundred vintage automobiles parked in front of a factory building.
Black and white image of five men stand around a sign advertising 5 Picket Line Revue
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