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These images capture the history of the automotive workers of Oshawa.
A black and white painting of an automobile. The vehicle has a square top, running boards on the side, and white tires. The caption reads 7-passenger Sedan 21-60.
Advertising poster showing a man in outdoor clothing standing next to a parked automobile in an outdoor setting. Caption: It's Better because it's Canadian / General Motors of Canada Limited
Image of hundreds of people sitting on a lawn in a park. Several dozen automobiles are visible parked in the background. Hand-written image caption reads GENERAL MOTORS ANNUAL PICNIC LAKEVIEW PARK OSHAWA ONT AUG 14TH 1926
Collage of three newspaper clippings. Headlines read 2000 General Motors Workers Now On Strike, Conciliation Board for Oshawa Strike, Majority of Oshawa Strikers Satisfied
MEMBERSHIP CARD 1928 ASSOCIATION OF EMPLOYEES General Motors of Canada Limited, Oshawa, Canada / By virtue of Membership in the Association of Employees, the undersigned is entitled to Free Admission, on presentation of this card, to all League Games of General Motors Sporting Organizations, played in Oshawa, exclusive of Cup Ties, Semi-Final, Final or Exhibition Games. / I, the undersigned, in accepting membership, agree to conform to the constitution of the Association and to such Rules and Regulations as may from time to time be laid down by the Directors of the Association. / Not valid unless signed / Not Transferable / 2550
A colour advertising image showing a well-dressed couple opening the doors to a garage with two cars in it. Caption: Where there are Two Cars in One Family One Car is Usually a Chevrolet
Colour image of an automotive logo: Chevrolet on a slanted cross-shaped background.
An aerial photograph of a series of factory buildings. The buildings have been edited to highlight them against the background.
Black and white image of several hundred people with umbrellas gathered in a park, with old cars parked in the foreground.
A line of women march in front of an industrial building, waving Canadian and British flags.
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