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These images capture the history of the automotive workers of Oshawa.
Black and white image of a man in an apron and a backwards baseball cap riding a bicycle alongside an unfinished car on an assembly line.
Colour image of a partially-constructed apartment building next to a factory. Several 1970s-era cars and trucks are parked in front of the apartment.
Decorative advertisement showing a painting of the 1978 Pontiac Acadian car.
Colour image of a man driving a car through a factory assembly line. A sign on the windscreen reads The 1,541,882nd A Car Oshawa Car Assembly
Black and white image of several hundred cars in rows, seen from above.
A colour magazine ad showing a sportscar in a wooded environment. Caption: PONTIAC 2000 5-SPEED, OVERHEAD CAM, FUEL INJECTION
A stylized map of a series of factory buildings seen from above, with road connections. A label reads GM Autoplex.
Colour image of three men using heavy machine tools to assemble a partially-completed car on an assembly line.
Colour advertising image showing an architectural model of an office building. A sign in the air behind it reads GM Canada, while the caption reads General Motors Administration Building: Building for the Future.
Colour image of a man in a t-shirt and shorts bolting a component into a partially-completed car body.
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