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These images capture the history of the automotive workers of Oshawa.
Colour image of several hundred people in winter clothing waiting in line in a snowy parking lot.
Advertising image of a car with its headlights on driving through a blurry cityscape. Title text reads The All-New Regal
Two brass pins and a ring sit in a diamond-shaped jewelry case. The pin on the left has an image of an antique car, the one on the right shows a wheel and a pair of wings, and the center ring shows a crest with the number 25.
Two women attach parts to a sports car in a factory environment.
Aerial photograph of a series of large industrial buildings and parking lots next to a highway interchange.
Several dozen protesters hold flags and a sign. The sign reads MADE IN OSHAWA MATTERS
A woman delivers a speech from a podium marked SAVE OSHAWA GM, while several dozen protesters with flags look on. A hand-written sign in the background reads TUREAD & FORD START FIGHING FOR OSHAWA
Several hundred men and women, many in work clothes, pose in front of a solitary pickup truck in a factory space.
Colour image of a partially-assembled truck cab sitting alone on a pallet in an empty factory space.
A pickup truck drives through an industrial space. Several men and women stand in the background, taking pictures on cell phones.
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