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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
A man, up to his waist in water and with his back to the photographer, holds onto a post to which a fishing net is attached.
Tank truck for transporting live fish, equipped with porthole-shaped windows and hatches in the roof of the tank. The truck is sitting in water up to its axles. A man has climbed onto the side of the truck and is looking inside one of the hatches. Two other men stand next to him on a trailer. A fourth man observes the scene while standing on top of a very large collecting box of an eel trap. Black and white photograph.
Tank truck used for transporting live fish. A sign on the side of the truck says: “Neptune Restaurant Montréal. Prenez votre homard et poisson vivant”. Black and white photograph.
A man, standing between a trailer and an eel weir, holds a net mounted on a wooden frame with a long handle. Two or three eels are in the net, which is called a saillebarde.
Map of the Côte-du-Sud showing its counties and main towns and villages.
Two men stand in the river next to a wooden box used to hold eels captive in the weir. They have water up to their knees and are holding a net mounted on a square frame with a long handle. Fishing nets can be seen in front of the box, and mountains in the background.
A man wearing boot-foot waders stands in the river holding the bottom of a fishing net that is attached to the top of a post measuring 6 m high.
A young girl and a boy stand in a wooden box used to hold eels captive. They are holding an eel in their hands. Their parents stand nearby and smile as they watch them.
Cement wall of a hydroelectric dam. A narrow slide-like structure running up the wall enables eels to climb over the dam.
A pair of handcrafted snowshoes with a wooden frame and webbing made of babiche (strips of leather).
Book cover with a colour illustration of a man viewed from the back. He is wearing a red cap and a blue coat with an arrowhead sash. In the background, five little elves with thin legs dance while holding hands. The cover bears the following inscription: Une nuit avec les sorciers. La Corriveau. Auteur Ph. Aubert de Gaspé; illustrations de Vernier; Édition Belisle Québec; Édition Beauchemin Montréal.
Slices of grilled eel with an orange peel sauce on a square plate.
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