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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
In a river bordered by trees that have lost their leaves, two parallel rows of short posts form a passageway that is closed off at the end by a net. Black and white photograph.
Two wooden funnels at the end of which is a large wooden box in which eels are held captive in a weir The first funnel, to the left, is called an ansillon and the second one, a bourrole.
A silver eel lying in a semi-circular position on grey sand covered by a thin layer of water.
Nautical map of the east coast of the United States and part of Mexico, showing the route followed by eels as they make their way from the Sargasso Sea to the St. Lawrence River and then return to the Sargasso at the end of their life to reproduce. The Sargasso Sea is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the states of Virginia and North and South Carolina.
Close-up frontal head and shoulder view of a man standing with his back to a wall.
A teenage girl wearing a tuque and a coat stands in a wooden box used to hold eels captive in a weir. She is holding an eel in her hands. The river and a cove can be seen in the background.
Close-up frontal head and shoulder view of a man smiling and standing with his back to a wall.
A type of funnel made of small branches that resembles a wickerwork basket. It is known as an eel basket.
Shoreline landscape with golden eel-grass in the foreground and an eel weir and the blue of the river crossing the middle of the photograph. Snow geese are flying over an old house on the right, and mountains can be seen in the background.
Countryside landscape in autumn; golden fields, fir and spruce grove, river and mountains under a slightly shaded sky.
Black and white drawing of the tip of a nigogue, a type of harpoon used to spear salmon and eel in shallow water.
Large fixed nets mounted in a vertical position using wooden stakes and poles form barriers extending to a wooden container in the water. Other nets are starting to float thanks to empty multi-coloured plastic bottles attached to their edges.
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