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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
Head and shoulder view of a young boy dressed in winter clothing, proudly holding an eel in his hands. He is showing the eel’s head. The river can be seen in the background.
Black-and-white drawing showing the layout of the type of eel weir typically seen in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and further east. The names of the different parts of the weir are indicated on the drawing. Drawing signed G.L. (Gaston Labrecque) 1974
In this photograph from the 1970s, a young boy wearing rubber boots, a jacket and a wool hat smiles as he poses in front of an eel weir with vertically installed fishing nets. He has his feet in the water.
A young man dressed in work clothes stands in the foreground with his back to a long brush weir (i.e. a barrier made of small woven branches) measuring 1.80 m high. He is holding a shovel in his left hand and is facing the photographer. Black and white photograph.
A man drives a tractor into the river as he heads toward an eel weir. The water is quite deep. Another, somewhat older man is a sitting in the tractor’s trailer. He is wearing fishing boots and a checkered jacket that is held closed by a piece of rope that acts as a belt. Black and white photograph.
Two men stand in ankle-deep water in front of a tall barrier made of branches. Each one is holding a large net containing an eel. Black and white photograph.
Close-up frontal head and shoulder view of a man standing with his back to a wall.
A man holds a white plastic tray, one quarter of which is filled with elvers. He is standing with his feet in the water on the shore of a lake. He tips the tray in order to release the juvenile eels into the lake.
On the shore of the river, a fisher and a young boy get ready to open a wooden box in which eels are held captive. Two wooden funnels set end-to-end are connected to the box and guide eels into it.
A women unrolls a fishing net in a field. Other nets are spread out on the ground. An empty hay trailer can be seen in the middle of the photograph and a forest in the background.
A man drives a tractor beside an eel fishing net while another man, standing in the tractor’s bucket, attaches the top of the net to a wooden pole.
A man dressed in boot-foot waders and a child wearing fishing boots. The man is about to open a wooden box that is used to hold eels captive in a weir. The child is walking towards the man.
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