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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
A couple sitting side by side on a brown leather couch.
A man standing in a wooden box used to hold eels captive in the weir takes a net mounted on a square frame with a wooden handle from a woman who is handing it to him.
A man wearing boot-foot waders and standing in the water is about to place a rock on fir boughs surrounding a large wooden box that holds eels captive in the weir.
A man uses a chain saw to shape into a point the end of a post lying on a home-made sawbuck.
Two men in fishing clothes put a net on a trailer, whose wheels are sitting in the incoming tide.
Trap made of wire mesh and wood plank framing. It measures about 6 m by 5 m and is beached in a cove bordered with trees. A man is standing on the left-hand side of the photograph. It’s summertime.
A huge rectangular trap with a wooden frame and covered with wire mesh is towed along the shore of the river on a tractor-drawn trailer.
Wooden trap made of narrow horizontal planks. It measures 2.4 m wide by 4.8 m long and 1.8 m high. It is anchored to the sea floor by cables and reinforced by large stones at the base.
Close-up view of a stake to which a crosspiece is attached. A fishing net is fastened to the back of these pieces of wood.
A long row of stakes planted in rocky ground with patches of grass. Two men are placing fir boughs at the base of the row of stakes.
A tractor equipped with an augur sits on the shore of the river. The driver watches another man guide the augur, which is hitched to the back of the tractor, toward the ground.
A horse-drawn trailer full of fir boughs is stopped next to a row of stakes extending into the water. The shore can be seen in the distance. Two men standing in the water are removing the boughs from the trailer.
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