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Encouraging people to discover and enjoy eel

The decline in the eel population, combined with the end of exports to European countries, has prompted fishers to come up with innovative ideas.

People who continue to fish eel have carefully observed consumer habits. They welcome visitors to their fisheries during the fishing season and strive to meet their needs, as well the growing popularity of local food.

Since the number of eels caught every fall is now too low to justify massive eel exports, fishers are developing both regional and pan-Canadian markets.

Promoting Eel by Developing New Products – View this video with a transcript

They are supplying fish stores and restaurants in major Canadian cities. As well, some fishers are keeping a number of live eels for making various ready-to-serve products that they are marketing in their region.

Several chefs have travelled to the Côte-du-Sud to learn about eel fishing and taste this fish. They have visited the fishers directly and experienced eel fishing first hand. They have developed new recipes for eel and, through their cookbooks and television programs, are helping fishers to fulfil their mission of encouraging people to discover and enjoy eel.