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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
Two men grilling eel on a home-made barbecue next to the river.
Three large wooden collecting boxes and two wooden funnels placed in a field next to a forest in the fall.
Three men on the shore put a fishing net in the bucket of a tractor driven by a fourth man.
An eel weir runs from left to right across the photograph. Four large wooden collecting boxes are sitting on the ground out of the water. The arm and hand of a man can be seen in the first box on the right. He is bending over inside the box. The mountains on the south shore of the river are visible in the background.
A man crouched on the shore stuffs hay in the holes dug for the stakes and poles of an eel weir, after it has been dismantled.
Front and back views of a pair of boot-foot waders with suspenders, made entirely from the hide of a horse’s hindquarters. A man is holding the waders upright.
A man, viewed from the back, drives his tractor toward an eel weir. The river can be seen in the background, at low tide.
A man standing in a large wooden collecting box beside an eel weir holds an eel above a horse-drawn trailer, using long-handled tongs. Black and white photograph.
Two men stand in a large wooden box used to hold eels captive in the weir. One of them is holding an eel with his bare hands, while the other man watches. Both of them are laughing.
A fisher and a young boy head toward large wooden collecting boxes in an eel weir. They are wearing boot-foot waders and have water up to their knees.
A man dressed in work clothes holds a post being driven into the ground on the shore of the river using a tractor.
An eel fisher holds a large net attached to a rigid frame with a handle, containing an eel. The top of a large wooden collecting box can be seen at the bottom of the photograph.
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