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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
A young boy dressed in fishing clothes bends over a large wooden collecting box. He is looking inside it to see if any eels are caught in the box.
A small picture of a white sailboat and a sun carved from sturgeon scales. The textured background is made from eel skin that has been tanned and dyed a greenish blue.
Painting of two women on the bank of a winding river. They are surprized to see a large sea serpent swimming in the water as they do their washing. A hunter in the background watches the scene, which dates from the 1800s.
Close-up frontal head and shoulder view of a man standing with his back to a wall.
Head and shoulder view of a fisher with his right-hand on his hip, standing in front of the nets of his eel weir.
A piece of paper, yellowed with time, on which eel fishing results have been written by hand in four columns with the following headings: [TRANSLATION] date-day-time of day; small; large; and grand total.
Head and shoulder view of two men returning from eel fishing, with their arms around each other’s shoulders. An eel weir and the river can be seen in the background.
Close-up frontal head and shoulder view of a smiling man.
In front of an old house, a woman holds an eel by the head while another woman removes the skin by pulling on it. Two young girls watch the women as they work, while three cats hover nearby. Black and white photograph.
A man moves a large wooden funnel on the shore of the river by rolling it on the ground.
Two men standing opposite one another hold a large round mesh basket containing eels over a tank filled with water.
A man stands in the wooden collecting box of an eel weir in a cove. He is holding an eel in one hand and opening a jute bag with the other. A young man standing on the rocks next to the collecting box holds the bag as well. Black and white photograph.
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