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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
A long row of slatted panels placed side by side stand on the shore of the river at low tide. Some are covered with branches and form a barrier. The panels are held in place by large rocks placed at their base.
A man in his eighties sitting at a table holds a narrow strip of copper netting between his hands.
A tractor lifts special scaffolding in its bucket on the shore of the river. A man stands on the scaffolding as he attaches a cable to the top of a post. The river can be seen in the background.
On the shore of the river, two men standing on wooden scaffolding drawn by an ox drive stakes into the ground with a sledge hammer. Three other men prepare chains in the foreground.
Three men attach fishing nets to the bottom part of a row of long poles on the shore of the river. Black and white photograph.
Roughly 3 m above the ground, a man balances on poles between two rows of fishing nets held in a vertical position by long poles. Black and white photograph.
Two Aboriginal boys stand in a wooden rowboat near the shore, facing the photographer. Each one is holding a nigogue, a type of harpoon, above the water as if preparing to spear a fish. Black and white photograph.
A long eel weir made of nets attached to poles is reflected in the river.
Four hand-crafted tools made of thin pieces of wood, lying on black fabric. They consist of three needles with a rounded point for knitting fishing nets and a small square object that serves as a mesh gauge.
Close-up view of a man in a checkered shirt sitting behind a desk or a table and looking sideways.
A man wearing work clothes and a cap stands with a cigarette in his mouth inside what seems to be an enclosure formed by two barriers of branches that meet at the opening of a wooden container. The barriers come up to his shoulders. The river can be seen in the background along with another barrier of branches extending into the water.
Close-up view of a man in a checkered shirt sitting behind a desk or a table.
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