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Lac Simon community logo. In the center, we see the shadow of a person sitting in a canoe. A half circle, like an arch, contains four colors (black, white, yellow, red). On both ends, there are black and white feathers. Apart from the name of the community, the date of its creation (1962) can be read.
Anicinabek families arrive in Kitcisakik by canoe. We see about twenty canoes in which people are sitting. We see the forest in the background. Black and white picture.
Drawing that represents the six seasons anicinabek. An island presents the different vegetation of the seasons. We see the sun, the sky, clouds, the lake. Drawing in color.
Drawing portrait of an Anicinabe family (3 generations). The grandmother is in a wheelchair, she wears a shawl on her shoulders and on her head. Drawing in color.
Newspaper article from 1969 reporting on the construction of new houses on the new site of the community.
Summer camp, canoe making. The canoe building site is near a tent on the lake shore. Three adults and two children are seen here. Black and white picture.
Indigenous camps on an island near Senneterre. We can see some tents and, in the background, a bridge. Black and white picture.
Anicinabek women sit on the shore of Lac Simon. They are sewing. Children are watching them. A tent with cloth on it is in the background. The picture dates from the middle of the 20th century. Black and white picture.
An Anicinabe family sits in the grass near Lac Simon. From left to right: an older man, a younger man (the son) and an older woman. They are wearing long clothes (jackets, shirts, pants, dress) and the woman has a scarf over her hair. The church is behind them. We also see children and a woman. Black and white picture.
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