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The wedding – Nibwin

Were there marriages in the past? How were couples formed? To get married, a young man had to show that he was capable of supporting a family. For a long time, marriages were arranged. Parents formed the couples. Often, marriages were an alliance between two families. They were an opportunity to acquire new territories and allies in other communities, anicinabek or otherwise.

Anicinabek newlywed couple on their wedding day. The man wears a suit. The woman wears a white dress with flowers in addition to a veil in her hair and a flower girl. Black and white picture.

Newlyweds anicinabek


As the community moved down the hill and church attendance increased, more and more weddings were held in church. The weddings were simple. As the married couple left the church, an elder would give a speech explaining the importance of marriage and the responsibilities of this commitment. Sometimes there was a feast and a small party. Other times there was nothing. When there was a feast, a large cloth was put on the floor and everyone ate together.

A young couple sitting side by side on their wedding day. The man is wearing a suit and tie and the woman is wearing a long tulle dress and a veil over her head. Black and white picture.

Newly married couple


Kokom P. says, “The brides’ dresses were often made by a female relative.”

Monik A. says, “The first wedding that took place once the church was moved up the hill was Jimmy James Wabanonik’s.”

Grey Owl passing through Lac Simon with the leader of the band at the time. The chief is wearing a suit and Grey Owl is wearing a native headdress and a fringed skin suit. He is holding the chief by the shoulder. In the distance behind, we see a church steeple. Black and white picture.

Nias Papatie and Grey Owl during his visit to Lac Simon. His wedding was one of the first to be celebrated in Lac Simon.