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For further information – Notc wasik ijananiwan

For further information, we invite you to consult the comic book Odibi: Journey into the Anicinabe history of Lac Simon. This collaborative work is another achievement of the Miaji Group.

Cover page of a comic book that tells the story of the Anicinabek of Lac Simon. There is a drawing of a woman with a baby in a baby carrier. Color.

Odibi means “root”. This comic book aims at knowing its roots. It is mainly addressed at the younger generations of Anicinabek, so that they know their history. The comic book is also intended for everyone interested to learn about the Anicinabek and their history. It contains a lexicon to help readers become familiar with Anicinabemowin, the vernacular language of the Anicinabek.

This comic book gives the impression of flipping through a photo album as the story is told from the point of view of the Anicinabek families. Anicinabek and non-indigenous illustrators created the drawings inspired by archival photos collected by the Miaji group (Emanuelle Dufour, Fabienne Théoret-Jerome, Patrick Lamoureux and Brian Wiscutie).

The cover shows Daisy Dumont in a tikinagan (baby carrier) being held by her mother, Cécile Brazeau.

All royalties from the sale of the comic book goes to the Lac Simon Community Education Council.

A teaching guide is also available and proposes activities for teachers who would like to use it as a teaching material (in French only).