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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Ka odji madjisek: Where it begins. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
A baby in his baby carrier (tikinagan). He is wearing a hat. His arms are out of the swaddled portion. The baby carrier is placed vertically and is leaning against the wall which allows a baby to see around him. Black and white picture.
Three young anicinabek who participate in the making of a canoe while sitting on the ground. They are using tools on scrap wood. Black and white picture.
A man, wearing a hat and long clothes, is working an animal skin with a scraper. The hide is set up on a wooden stand. Another man is behind him. They are on the edge of a lake. Black and white picture.
Three bannocks are cooking in pans placed directly on a wood pole. Picture in color.
Tea and toast are heating on a wood stove with the door open, allowing the fire to be seen. Three pots of tea and three slices of bread are cooking on top of the stove. Picture in color.
Moose ribs are boiled in a large pot. Picture in color.
Group of Anicinabek elders playing cards. Seven of them are seated with cards in hand. They are wearing coats and hats. Picture in color.
Canoe race at Lac Simon. We see five canoes with two people on board each of them. They were paddling. Some are wearing life jackets, some are not. Picture in color.
Families arriving by canoe at the summer gathering. We see a dozen canoes with people on board and luggage. On the shore, we see some small houses. Black and white picture.
Anicinabek youth playing field hockey in the streets of the community. The road is snowy and snow lines the driveways. We can see some houses around. Picture in color.
Newspaper article reporting on hygiene classes for anicinabek women. No picture, text only. Black and white picture.
Anicinabek children and foreigners are in front of a bush camp.
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